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The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit is monitoring the Humidex forecast for extreme heat events. The Humidex is a combination of temperature (°C) and humidity (%) to reflect perceived temperature.

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Level 1
One or more days reaching Humidex 40

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Level 2
Four or more days reaching Humidex 40
One or more days reaching Humidex 45
Four or more nights above Humidex 28

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Level 3
A heat emergency is issued in response to a severe or prolonged emergency, such as power outages or water shortages.


Environment Canada forecasts future weather and the Health Unit uses this information to issue alerts when the humidex is predicted to be above 40. Tracked results show we’re experiencing more extreme heat days and nights in Southwestern Ontario. Extreme heat events are reaching higher temperatures, lasting longer, and happening more often. This is why the Health Unit is monitoring the temperature and humidex from April to October. Extremely hot weather and humidity can be dangerous for outdoor workers, people who are exercising and playing sports outside, children, seniors, and people with health issues. Remember to check the heat levels daily and follow the tips on this website to “Stay Cool” this summer.


When a heat alert is called you need to:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Spend less time outside in the heat and go to a place that has air conditioning to stay cool.

The Health Unit has a list of community centres, pools, and splash pads you can go to. Extreme heat increases the chance of getting sick from illnesses like heat stroke, heat exhaustion, fainting, edema, rash, and cramps.  Tune to the local news, check back on this website, or call 211 for the latest information on heat levels.

Follow this link for a list of places you can go to stay cool.